Hayate no Gotoku 316

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Hayate no Gotoku 315


BAD END. Hayate has completely become a girl.

I forgot to put the text on the last page margin AGAIN.
tee-hee ^_^

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Hayate no Gotoku 314



Hayate no Gotoku 313

first, I want to apologize. I’ve been thinking about the revised page from chapter 312
the original text was “uso wo tsukareru no ga sugoku nigate nanda”. last week I looked at my dictionary, the word nigate means “poor at”, “weak in”. so I thought “I’m really bad at lying” is the correct one, but after I look again today since I’m curious, it can also mean “dislike of”
and I do think “I really don’t like being lied to” fit better. so here’s the revised page again 312_14

and here’s chapter 313


Hayate no Gotoku 312 v3

after reading this chapter I have a feeling that when Luca found out hayate’s identity isn’t going to be a funny moment >.<

I’m reading Hidden Detective’s script and found some mismatch translation with JS06’s then I crosschecked it with the Raw and made correction on page 14.
changed again =P


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