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current progress: 70% of part 1 Sore ga Seiyuu ver 2.00 is done. That’s enough work for this month *rolls*
and I’m putting Lucky Star on hold for a while.

Just asking, do you prefer I use “seiyu” or “voice actor” in my translation?

Dead Link

dead link

so, I got a love letter from Mediafire. it says:

“MediaFire has received notification under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) that your usage of a file is allegedly infringing on the file creator’s copyright protection.” …and so on

for now, I’m deleting all the scanlation file in my Mediafire account. not sure what I’m gonna do about all the dead links here, I’ll think about it later.

Poll Result

Other Answer
– As you wish, I’m tankful for your work in any way.
– Depends on the scene

so, here’s how I’ll deal with sfxs.
-if it’s easy to erase, I’ll replace the original. (sfx with white background)
-if it’s hard to erase, I’ll put it next to the original (sfx with picture background)
-if it’s hard to erase, or/and it won’t fit anywhere inside the panel, I’ll put it outside. (eg: kotarou’s headband, men’s bath sign(ch 304). these two are not sfx actually XD)
-if I can’t find a suitable english sfx, I’ll leave it as is (I don’t like to put verb like “open”, “collapse”, “blush”, etc as sfx =_=).

in short, I’ll just keep typesetting the way I like :p

Official Hayate no Gotoku Character Popularity Contest 3

Official Hayate no Gotoku Character Popularity Contest 3

vote for Katsura Hinagiku 😀

as for how to vote, visit here, doughnut gunso already made the complete tutorial XD