Hayate no Gotoku 323

looks like this blog isn’t gonna die just yet.
since RH didn’t let me edit HnG, so here it is Hayate no Gotoku 323 by Shibababa


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44 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 323

  1. Hina_sama says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter. ^^

  2. kundumstaf says:

    its no that we didn’t let you. you weren’t on when we had the raws =.=
    we are speed and quality. if you get a msg that the raws are on, you gotta get asap to IRC or the forums to get them and work on them. >.>

    • shibababa says:

      except that I don’t get any message that the raw is avaliable. nor it was posted in the forum
      the only message I get was from takadanama saying that RH staff already start editing HnG.
      I’m working, so I can’t edit during worktime at workplace. I can only edit in the evening till sleep time.
      If you can’t wait for that, then I’ll just be an independent scanlator like I used to be. I’m just asking that you don’t monopolize Js06 script

  3. Ichibukai says:

    We invited you to work with us on good faith. Instead of trying to cooperate with the rest of the staff, you demanded to work on the chapters by yourself. Then you failed to show up when the staff started working. You also took advantage of our trust by stealing the script off of our staff forum without permission, knowing that it was reserved. Js06 is working with us, and if you do not wish to work with us, please do not steal our scripts again.

    • shibababa says:

      well the first time I was invited, takadanama’s proposal was that instead of stealing the series that I already work on, redhawk will provide the raw and proofreading, then I can work like I usually do.
      plus takadanama also said that he don’t mind that I work on this series alone

  4. Ichibukai says:

    Takadanama believed at the time that you would show up in a timely fashion, and he had not checked your cleans and typesetting either.

    We do not mind that you work on the series alone using HiddenDetective’s scripts. We definitely do mind that you stole js06’s script from our staff section without asking just so that you could put the chapter out on the same day.

  5. shibababa says:

    how come you have never checked my cleaning and typesetting while I already release 30+ chapter?
    and you guys are really taking things way too far
    I’m already using Js06 script since I started this. I would never mind you guys start scanlating HnG using Js06 Script or your own translator without asking me to join you, and now you’re saying I’m stealing Js06 script?
    scanlating is supposed to be for fun.

  6. takadanama says:


    Look, we did let you clean and typeset the entire chapter 322 but your work didn’t meet our standards. Consequently, our staff had to reclean and typeset from scratch. I asked you to improve your cleanings with our staff on IRC but you failed to show up for that purpose even though you got more than a week to do that. Where were you?

    Yes, I didn’t mind you doing this series alone with Red Hawk but not with your current standard and speed, that’s why I asked you to improve. When you finish the training, you can do it alone without our supervision.

    Regarding the translation, js06 has reserved the translation for us, and you actually have no permission to use the translation of this chapter.

    So “RH didn’t let me edit HnG” doesn’t sound right!!

    • shibababa says:

      have you check your pm inbox?
      I’m not comfortable with irc, so I asked to contact me via pm.
      and you guys certainly have too much free time yet don’ have the time to spend in waiting.
      “but not with your current standard” why are you bother inviting me then?
      you can just start scanlating HnG like any other groups.

  7. Ichibukai says:

    I might add that because you never once showed up to learn new cleaning methods or to help when we were working by ourselves, I have a hunch that you never intended to work with us at all. You just wanted access to the scripts.

    I don’t see what’s hard to understand about js06 joining our team. Unlike you, he did not join under false pretenses aiming to take advantage of us. The minute you got the chance, you lifted our script from the private staff section, cleaned public raws, and then rushed out your own version.

    Scanlating is supposed to be fun, but it’s really not fun when someone tricks us in bad faith like you did. And to add insult to injury, you had the nerve to claim that “RH didn’t let me edit HnG”. That is a bold, ugly lie.

    We trusted you, tried to involve you, welcomed you as one of our own. We were evidently naive, and unfortunately this will probably force us to rethink how we approach strangers.

    • shibababa says:

      what advantage would I get from joining you? when you invite me, Js06 script is still free for anyone, I only want to edit this series myself. (why do you think I start scanlating this series even though there’re already 3 other groups doing it?)
      that time I only think that it would be good to have someone proof read it since I’m not native english. and yet you even failed to notice typo.
      when I post the psd of chap 322 it’s already midnight, and the next morning it was already released. completely done from scratch. on chapter 323, no one notify me raw is ready (well, even if anyone did notify me, it’s not like I can edit right away, and since you can’t have a single second to spend in waiting it’ll will be just like what happen now)
      and why am I bother replying this?
      I won’t die just because I can’t edit this series anymore.
      like I said, you guys taking this waay too far

  8. sosrs says:


    • shibababa says:

      I thought i can do this peacefully, like it used to.
      I even asked DKThias for his raw source, and he have no problem.
      and now pop up someone ruining it all, and won’t let me using the script I’ve always using up to now.
      and they saying I’m the thief.

    • shibababa says:

      Maybe I should’ve reserved js06 script when I have the chance :p

  9. Meadow says:

    Hmm… From the looks of things, and not to be bias or anything, but from how I see it- if I didn’t know any better, it does looks like “you” stole “their” script.

    How? js06 didn’t place his translations in mangahelpers. With this, it’ll be you stealing RH’s translations since they released it some time ahead of you with translations in private possession. You manage to have full access of the script so it seems fair for RH to mark you “stealing their scripts”.

    You, on the other hand, don’t have the right to say “RH didn’t let me edit HnG” seeing as you are not available, that’s your fault.

    Another thing, the reason why I butted in was because it seems that you misunderstood what RH meant. They did mention you are free to work on HnG with Hidden Detective’s *public scripts” not js06’s, that is, as I mentioned before, in private possession of the RH Team.

    • TardisGuy says:

      while there might be a little truth in that, it isn’t mentioned in js06’s profile page (that he joined RH)… n since the translation hadn’t been private until chap 322, (n when it was made private, RH did provide the TL), it is entirely possible that the TL might have been taken without knowing it was reserved… n that isn’t stealing.

      • shibababa says:

        If that’s what they meant bby stealing, it’s true that i took the script from the staff forum.
        But actually i already asked their leader that i will be using the script, but i never have the reply. Since they don’t waste time wairing for me, should i waste my time waiting for them?
        Only RH have the thought to privatizing something that was for public for their own benefit

  10. TardisGuy says:

    well this is awkward…..
    but firstly, great chapter.. hope there are a lot more to come…
    also great job with the cleaning till now, I definitely dont see any problems with it…
    and if its true that js06 has privatized (hope not), there’s always hidden detective.. n a couple of chaps a few days late never killed anyone…

    oh n lastly,
    the new blog look is great… especially liked the flag counter… n the comment box looks cool too 🙂

    • shibababa says:

      The flag counter been there for a while, it just that I hid it
      Actually it’s been there since i made this blog, but the first one was gone. I accidently erase it 😐
      the real counter for this blog is almost 50k visit.
      And I wonder who’s the japanese visiting this blog :s

  11. Slag says:

    So they have a problem with you stealing the translation, who told them that you used the internal posted translation and not the translaton from their released chapter? [/ironic]
    The whole situation is a complete joke, first they invit you and then they’re not patient enough to wait for your work, or are even contented with your work^^

    • shibababa says:

      While it’s possible to do that, but to re write the script from a released version is just crazy. XD
      I’m too lazy to do that.

  12. tamashii says:


  13. miiira says:

    a not to RH scans anything that gets too big usually leads to its own destruction, they should really keep that in mind….

  14. kundumstaf says:

    too much drama =.=
    let’s just do our own thing. there are like 3 groups working on the series, we’ll do what we do best, you do your own thing.

    • shibababa says:

      What is it that you do best?
      Only you have the thought to privatizing something that was for public for your own benefit
      There was never a problem when i, chan, dkthias, and redevilishn doing this together

  15. Drama is fun…not…!

    Ugh, you’re one of the few scanlators that actually replies to my posts, so it’s not like I have any beef with you or anything…if not for scanlators, I’d have to read the pictures like an idiot.

    Although this seems pretty grim, I really don’t get it… Nevertheless, it seems like I shouldn’t be involved. Which is quite alright with me. As long as the chapters come out, Link is very happy.

    Good chapter, btw. Very eventful, very effective. Shame about Luca though. Her life reminds me of Tsurga Ren from Skip Beat.

    Anyways, that’s my two cents.

  16. js06 says:

    Just to set the record straight, I am working with Red Hawk for Hayate from now on.

    I would have thought that would be obvious by the fact that I was privately sending the script to them rather than posting it publicly on Mangahelpers, but apparently not.

  17. Hidden Detective says:

    well, isn’t this the drama…
    DK should get in on this too… There are some matters that I’d like to discuss between the three of us… in private… But his WordPress blog is down right now for some reason, and something’s also wrong with MH, so I currently can’t contact him…

    • shibababa says:

      O.o you want to join the fun here? :p
      looks like wordpress is shuting down blog for scanlations purpose when they found out.
      not long ago, senfgurke also experience the same thing like DKthias.
      and the same may happen to me in the future.
      why don’t you contact DK at his new blog http://dkthias.com/
      and if you want to talk to me in private, contact me via pm at mangafox
      or maybe create a private discusion thread at my FB page (if that possible ^^ (I don’t know, never make one :P))

      • Hidden Detective says:

        thanks… I already found DK’s new site… And I added both of you guys on MF…

  18. Set thing striaght says:

    Seriously, why do you want to steal from RHS? In fact, as soon as You found out that RHS were going to be delayed to Tuesday, what you did was steal the translation off of their private staff boards and run off to race them with it on your own version. THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL!!!

    • shibababa says:

      simple, I’m not thinking.
      I’m not thinking complicated things just for scanlating, making this rule and that rule
      what I have in my mind: I want to do it, so I do it.
      and true this is not professional world. you call yourself pro if you’re making money from what you’re doing.

  19. ducmq says:

    Hmmmm… from what I see it’s just a simple misunderstanding. RH want to release HNG in HQ will shibababa want to have fun scanlating so he does not prioritize quality nor speed. While RH staff will always be ready when raws are out shibababa don’t always have free time. Also since JS06 didn’t say explicitly that he only works for RH now it’s also lead to a misunderstanding. Anyway everybody have a different point of view regarding scanlation, neither of you guys are completely wrong so can we solve this in peace 😀

    • Naselare says:

      “Also since JS06 didn’t say explicitly that he only works for RH now it’s also lead to a misunderstanding.”

      There was nothing to be misunderstood. js06’s translation was at a place only the RH staff could reach, meaning that it was for RH’s exclusive use. It should’ve been obvious that, if his translations aren’t being posted on MH anymore, it meant they aren’t public. This whole situation is ridiculous.

      Get some good sense.

  20. etljh00 says:

    I like your attitude. Say NO to monopolization and privatizing. Keep it open and fun, just like it has always been from the start. 🙂

  21. darkxex says:


    Redhawks is Fuck…

    you are better with Hidden detective.

    i am of Realidad no Fansub.

    is a fansub that translate to Spanish
    “Hayate no Gotoku or Hayate mayordomo de combate”


    This song should so be playing the bg.

  23. shibababa says:

    Drama season 2
    yay ^^

  24. darkxex says:

    Shibababa, you are best

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