Hayate no Gotoku 318

finally Js06 is back ^^
since it’s a long wait, I try to messing around with new filter.
this filter kept the details much better than the previous one, but so is the dirt :p
for comparison: old filter and new filter

enjoy ^^


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8 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 318

  1. tamashii says:

    Thanks !

    Personally, I prefer the new filter.

  2. David says:

    I also like the new filter

  3. Hina_sama says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter. ^^

    I too like the new filter.

  4. Slag says:

    I would prefer the older filter, but I see only a difference if both are directly compared, so I don’t realy care^^

    And thanks for the chapter, seems like js06 had his golden week one week earlier than the japanese 😀

  5. Oxwil says:

    New filter = current filter?

  6. The new filter doesn’t really look much different, I mean, I can see the new one has a lighter contrast, but otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to tell, so yup. Let’s go with the new one, the one that works for you ^.^

    Sad story that Hayate is skipping a week. But at least it isn’t like Skip Beat where it’s every other week, then they skip a whole month. -.-

  7. Fskng says:

    The contrast is definitely better on the new filter but there is a sort of aliasing especially around the japanese word in the first square. Well, either way is ok to me.

    Thanks for the chapter, I hope we will see more Fumi and Sharuna in the next chapters, they make a nice Boke/Tsukkomi couple.

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