Hayate no Gotoku 308

again, it’s not the usual raw quality. I need to adjust the filter again. =_=
expect inconsistent editing style too for the next chapter.


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39 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 308

  1. Hina_sama says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Sobre says:

    Thanks for another release ^^

  3. QQ says:

    Thanks for the awesome chapter. WHO DUN IT THOUGH?

    • shibababa says:

      most likely it’s hayate.
      why did he erase it? that I don’t know. :/

      • Why485 says:

        Thanks for the chapter.

        I’m not sure it was Hayate. He really wasn’t even in this chapter. I want to say Shiranui had something to do with it. He’s messed with Izumi’s electronics before (stealing her phone), so maybe he’s smarter than he looks. He was also the only one in the building far as I know.

      • Zade says:

        Yeah, it is Shiranui. You can see in his dispute with Tama that he is not some ordinary cat. What Why485 said “He was also the only one in the building” is true but his motives for helping her is questionable.

      • shibababa says:

        shiranui is a probability, but still. most likely it’s Hayate (I’m 99% sure)
        nagi’s PSP was left on her desk (page 5), but she have it with her at home (last page). so, It’s hayate that came back to the school and get the PSP. that’s when he erase the memory.

  4. Watashiwa7 says:

    Yeah, it was Hayate’s doing. I read the chapter again and it happens what Shibaba says: Nagi forgets her PSP at school, but the day after she’s playing with it before going to school.

  5. Watashiwa7 says:

    Ah, lol, I forgot XD Thanks for the release 😉

  6. TardisGuy says:

    Thanks 4 d chap,
    N i guess its Hayate too cause Nagi says that, even if she left anything (PSP) Hayate would got it 4 her. So most likely he deleted it.

    • shibababa says:

      yep, no doubt about it.
      the question is why did he delete it?

      • Hidden Detective says:

        Isn’t it obvious?
        One, he probably saw her recording (otherwise Shiranui couldn’t reach the window with only tail showing), so he knew she wouldn’t want anyone to see the video. And two, she mentioned his name while recording that, can you imagine what would happen to him if people saw it…?

      • shibababa says:

        it’s not obvious when you say “probably” XD

      • TardisGuy says:

        So it was hayate who formatted the cam, hopefully the next chap will tell us why he did it n what did he think of the stuff in the cam…

      • Eco says:

        well without doubt its must be hayate…… man he IS such lady killer… hohoho

  7. Anon says:

    must find out why hayate did it.

  8. XYZ says:

    If i have to take a guess why he deleted it, it might be cause he went to take PSP, found cam on desk, which was running, he checks out, finds her embarrassing acting, and deleted it for her? (he is normally an airhead gigolo but in these situations he sometimes is pretty astute xD)

  9. Zyazel says:

    Whew.. done reading the chapter, you are the fastest of all the translator, thank you very much! It seems nowadays is a filler.. when the main plot will begins?? I’w waiting for you hata-sensei >.< ahhh.. ga sabar!!

    • shibababa says:

      actually, I’m the slowest >..>
      I usually the last one to release a chapter.
      and yes, I can’t wait for the main plot too. maybe hata sensei need a lot of time to think about how the big arc goes, while doing so, he buy time by making filler chapter?

      • Zyazel says:

        maybe so… i hope Hayate x Hina chapter more deepened in the next arc. So who is the fastest do you think?

      • shibababa says:

        doughnutgunso. he already write for the chapter even before the RAW came out :p.

      • Doughnut Gunso says:

        That would not be a fair comparison to you. Doing the artworks take much more time than typing a block of text. After all, typing is much easier.

        Keep on with your own pace. You are doing fine.

      • shibababa says:

        I believe it also took a lot of effort to write reviews like yours. 🙂

  10. Zyazel says:

    hey.. maybe doughnut gunso is the fastest to review the chapter, but you are the fastest to scanlate it!

  11. Zyazel says:

    DOughnut already relesed the review for chapter 309, it was fast for him! Damn!

  12. narengoku says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter…Guess hayate is the one who deleted it…

  13. Oxwil says:

    It seems most of you are in the opinion of Hayate doing it. But I can’t understand being who he is, why he’d delete the footage – on top of that, it’s even mentioned that Nagi was playing video games ever since the first page.
    On the other hand, I can’t think of anyone else other than Hayate doing it either…

    • shibababa says:

      just hope this matter revealed in next chapter. (though I doubt hata will tell the reason why hayate delete it. if this is a filler, then most likely this case will just disappear =_=)
      lets just use our imagination =D. maybe hayate preventing miki from seeing that recording. who knows what will she do if she see that. especially when izumi say “…ta-kun” in the recording. that’s big problem for him too.

      • Zyazel says:

        I hope that camera scene will be important sometimes in the next arc, because i want to know what happen if hayate knows izumi’s feeling about him and wonder if Hina also will know about it too.

      • shibababa says:

        Hina accept ayumu as her love rival, but when miki ask if izumi like hayate too, both Hina and Ayumu spontaneously scream “NOOO!” 😀
        so, what do you think will happen if Hina know she have another Rival?

      • Zyazel says:

        oiya beritaw deh , ISMl ganti tanggal 27 february jgn lupa ya!

      • shibababa says:

        make sure you vote Hinagiku 😀
        btw, it’d be better to post that at the next release post, since people are less likely to see this post again 😐

      • Zyazel says:

        Haha you’re right but i just want to inform you since there is no another new post, BTW i speak indonesian and you use english kinda makes me laugh XD

      • Zyazel says:

        Oh yeah, dont worry i will always support HnG Characters especially Hayate and Hinagiku

      • shibababa says:

        well yeah, I used to reply Indonesian with bahasa, but I guess from now on I’ll reply with english, because the visitor here are not only indonesian 😀

  14. Zyazel says:

    Ahh hell right i remember.. but izumi denying in front of them both , it prove that izumi (also Hina and Ayumu) still not acknowledged her feelings like hina in the first time..

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