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– As you wish, I’m tankful for your work in any way.
– Depends on the scene

so, here’s how I’ll deal with sfxs.
-if it’s easy to erase, I’ll replace the original. (sfx with white background)
-if it’s hard to erase, I’ll put it next to the original (sfx with picture background)
-if it’s hard to erase, or/and it won’t fit anywhere inside the panel, I’ll put it outside. (eg: kotarou’s headband, men’s bath sign(ch 304). these two are not sfx actually XD)
-if I can’t find a suitable english sfx, I’ll leave it as is (I don’t like to put verb like “open”, “collapse”, “blush”, etc as sfx =_=).

in short, I’ll just keep typesetting the way I like :p

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4 Responses to Poll Result

  1. TardisGuy says:

    Excellent 🙂
    Though in the 4th case, if there isn’t a suitable english sfx but its too hard (for readers) to guess what the sfx is, could u add a translation for it anyway?

    Eg: like in this page of FT, im not sure what’s d sfx (in the bottom right corner)is supposed to mean
    (hope u dont mind me postin d link)

    • shibababa says:

      well, sfxs can be interpreted differently by different people.
      eg: HnG 295 p7 bottom right. JS06 translate the sfx as “clatter”, but the way I see it, it’s sfx for camera shutter.
      in your example pic, I’d say it’s a sfx for the man collapse to the ground.
      so there’s a good point in leaving sfx as it is :D, you can use your own imagination 😛
      and beside, how do I decide that it’s too hard or not for reader to guess what the sfx is?

      • Slag says:

        Your last question have a simple answer: When you yourself are unable to guess what the sfx means xD

        Btw: I myself never care about the sfx, because it never really matter anyway

  2. TardisGuy says:

    hmm, i guess i never thought of it that way.
    N i suppose i can always post a comment if ever i don’t (cant) understand any part of an untranslated sfx.

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