Hayate no Gotoku 305

enjoy ^^

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11 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 305

  1. Slag says:

    Thanks for this Chapter. One rival more for Nagi, which she have to beat before she can become a famous Mangaka 😀

    • shibababa says:

      for some reason I think this is a filler chapter, and yukiji intention to become mangaka will be gone by the next chapter. did she ever serious on something? 😀 except for when she fought her way to pay her parents debts.

      • Slag says:

        yukiji is always serious when it includes alcohol drinking 🙂
        But I’m also doubting, that she will really try to become a mangaka, that’s hard work after all^^
        But I’m not so sure about the relationship between her and the Mangaka, this could last.

      • shibababa says:

        hmmm, I agree that the relationship with akibashi-sensei could last, it’s another development for kaoru x yukiji XD

  2. Divest King says:

    Can you post a link in megaupload? For some unknown reason I can’t download this file on mediafire 😦

  3. TardisGuy says:

    Thanks for d chap, but i have to agree this does seem to be a filler chap.

    • shibababa says:

      too much filler? we still have nagi’s manga and alice’s power arc hanging around, yet there’s still no progress on those two. nagi doesn’t seem to bother to start making manuscript -_-. or is this yukiji want to be a mangaka is actually a story development for nagi’s manga. (still doubt it though XD)

      • TardisGuy says:

        ya, i guess yukiji doing anything that actually requires work is a bit hard to believe 😀
        Speaking of which, according to wikipedia, there is a “One-shot manga (by Kenjiro Hata) where the story is about a female high-school student and her little sister trying to pay back a 80 million debt” and it is supposed to be the story of Yukiji and Hinagiku.
        Any idea which one-shot manga this is and where i can get an English translation of it??

      • shibababa says:

        yes, I’ve heard of that one shot manga, but never saw it. not even the raw, or even spoiler pic or anything.

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