Hayate no Gotoku 304

Enjoy ^^
careful, don’t spurt too much blood while reading this chapter :p
it’s all about maria’s service.
for some unknown reason I end up spent more time on a page that have no text at all than other page that have text to typeset. :\

I did it again, I forgot to put the side note at the second page 😐
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11 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 304

  1. TardisGuy says:

    thanks very much for this chap,
    ill be without internet for a week so this came at the perfect time 😀

  2. Divest King says:

    Thx for the chap

  3. Sobre says:

    Thanks for another chapter ;D

  4. Slag says:

    Thanks for the chapter too.
    And nice picture this time, Maria is from panel 1 on page 13 and Hayate from panel 1 on page 11, right?
    Would have never thought it would so good match. Must taken quit some time 🙂
    Btw: Did anybody see where Maria and Hayate had their Maid and Butler-clothes when they did go home? Because they didn’t weared it, after the bath.

    • shibababa says:

      and the dialogue is from page 6 panel 1 :p.
      maria brought some change of clothes. she have a bag with her (p. 13) while hayate didn’t bring anything. seems like hayate didn’t change his clothes. (including his underwear?)

  5. Slag says:

    I think that would be normal for man, to not change clothes after a bath(atleast by the stereotypes of man in my culture).
    But this bag is truly just in one panel on page 13 visible. On page 15 it’s most unlikely that she has one and on page 16 its clear that she hasn’t one anymore.
    But because we don’t see Hayates hands on this pages, it’s possible that he is just a gentlemen and as such carry the bag for Maria.

    Would have never imagined that you also copied the dialogue(and therefor didn’t searched for it), thought that was your own idea^^

  6. shibababa says:

    I want to put some random text there, but couldn’t come up with a good one >.<

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