Hayate no Gotoku Limited! 6-9 & ch300 v2

I found better quality Raw,
re-download if you like

Download Limited 6-9 v2

chapter 300 using rena-chan’s raw

Download Ch 300 v2

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9 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku Limited! 6-9 & ch300 v2

  1. Ciphei says:

    I’m quite sure Rena’s raws are scanned by request… It’s quite strange for someone that didn’t request to use them.

    • shibababa says:

      I actually requested rena to scan HnG because I want better quality raw, but my request was rejected. later I found that rena is scanning chapter 300 so I use it to release ch 300 v2. zasel also edit this chapter, and he’s done better job cleaning it, it’s too bad he’s not continue scanlating HnG and rena also didn’t continue scanning HnG raw.

  2. anon. says:

    curiosity… where did you find the raws for your high quality scans of HnG – limited?
    I googled “share” with keywords related to manga… no success. thanks

    • shibababa says:

      Honestly, I forgot the name of the website.
      It’s a website that share anime dvdrip raws if I’m not mistaken.
      If the credit page says “share” raw, thats because I forgot to change it.
      If you want the raws, I’ll upload it for you

      • anon. says:

        oh right. no worries. ill be glad to know about it if you ever remember.
        the raws would be nice. thanks for the effort. 🙂
        im guessing you only have chapters 6-9? being bit of a completionist the whole bundle would be nicer. but im fine nevertheless. 😀

      • shibababa says:

        nope, I have all of them.
        dld here

  3. qwerty says:

    what kind of filter did you use to get rid of the green tones?

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