Hayate no Gotoku 300



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6 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 300

  1. Hidden Detective says:

    Well, looks like js06 was pretty fast this week. I still have finals to deal with on Friday…
    Guess I’ll just start on chapter 301, two weeks from now…

  2. Slag says:

    Thanks again for this chapter, I’m wondering what Athena meant with to follow her lead. Should Hayate also try to become a little kid, or declare Hinagiku as his mother? xD

  3. shibababa says:

    no, hayate should declare hinagiku as his wife, so little a-tan have a papa too 😀

    lucky enough for hayate little a-tan didn’t call him father instead, in front of hina and izumi XD

  4. Slag says:

    Well, for now they only asked about her mother, we don’t know if she will call Hayate papa (because Hayate never has luck)

    By the way, thats also some unique character development for A-tan ^^

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