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  1. Slag says:

    Thanks as always for this chapter.
    And seems like you was right last time, even if the arc has not ended yet, it still had a first climax and Hayate his moment on stage^^

  2. shibababa says:

    1 question on ch 299, is nagi not home yet and hayate already go to sleep? how come nagi and chiharu not questioning hayate if he’s on stage at luca’s concert. XD
    looking at ch 300 spoiler, I really hope it’s not a 1 special chapter only like hina with donkey ears chapter. =_=

  3. Slag says:

    I think they will most likely ask him at an unpleasant time later(and they’re still not to sure about if it really was Hayate)^^
    I don’t really care if chapter 300 will be a special chapter or not, we are now at a point in the arc, were such a thing would be possible, without much harm to the reader. Because at the moment there are no actions left, no cliffhanger, it’s just about a new day with new actions to start.
    And I’m really impressed that Kenjiro Hata was able to reach such a point at the right moment^^

  4. shibababa says:

    well I guess he already planned it long ago, maybe even before the popularity poll started

  5. Slag says:

    Yeah, don’t get me wrong, I’m not impressed that he was able to plan it, but that his plan worked 😉
    By the way, how do you wish Luca would react when she finally get to knwo that invincible Maid-Star is a guy? 🙂
    I think it would be nice if she react in a Hayate-like way, beeing embarrassed for a moment, but than just deal with it.

  6. shibababa says:

    to think that she kissed and get changed in front of him not knowing hayate is a guy and the fact hayate didn’t say anything about it, maybe she’d get embarrassed and run away or she’ll get mad and punch hayate 😀
    I’ll leave that to hata. whatever reaction she have, it’ll be interesting. :d
    though I don’t think luca is the type that like to punch people 😛

  7. Hidden Detective says:

    Hi there, just letting people know that I’ve recently registered on Mangahelpers and will soon start doing translations for Hayate no Gotoku, since I realized the shortage of translators compared to editors waiting… I cannot guarantee to be faster than js06 every time, but I can ensure high-quality translations. I’d appreciate if you guys are willing to look at my works in the short future…
    BTW, Shibababa, do you know what’s the one other editing group for HnG besides you, DKThias, and xnothingx (all on WordPress)? Just curious, cuz I heard that there are currently 4 editing groups for HnG…

    • Hidden Detective says:

      oh yeah, and this is my translator’s ID, Hidden Detective. Just credit me for translator in the credits page later on when you actually use my translations…

      • shibababa says:

        the other one is redevilishn, but they haven’t release the last 2 chapter of HnG.
        actually I’m quite satisfied with JS06’s translation quality. as long as he’s willing to keep translating Hayate, there’s no problem with me. but if you want to translate hayate too, It’s always nice to have choices 😀
        but why don’t you translate the untranslated omakes or “Hayate no Gotoku – no Mae” ? vol 15 omake and up is not translated yet I believe.

      • Hidden Detective says:

        no problem about that… After I find it first… And after Friday this week, cuz it’s finals week for me…

      • shibababa says:

        um… find what? HnG no Mae raw? 😀
        get it here http://www.mediafire.com/?30zl3jwvzyj5s9h
        I’ll be waiting for your translation \^o^/

      • Hidden Detective says:

        oh… Ok, I think I misunderstood you. I thought you meant the omake in the end of HnG vol 15… Yeah, I’m afraid that I cannot translate this one, because I’m a Chinese-English translator; I know a little bit of Japanese and the language styles of HnG, but not nearly enough to translate directly from Japanese to English. Sorry about that…
        And since this week is finals week for me, I have no time to translate until after Friday afternoon, so I’m likely to just start on chapter 301, unless js06 don’t upload 300 translation yet by Friday…

      • shibababa says:

        oh that’s too bad.
        I thought I can finally read HnG no mae 😦
        oh well…
        good luck with your finals. 😀

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