Hayate no Gotoku 298

PertamaX 😛
enjoy a chapter full of luca!!


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4 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 298

  1. Slag says:

    Thx again for this early release 🙂
    Not much development, but still really nice^^

  2. shibababa says:

    too much luca >_<
    hayate only have one chapter to finish up that robot and this arc (?) 😛

  3. Slag says:

    Hu, really just one chapter?
    Why do you think so? Just because Nagis Manga will be read as chapter 300 (at least this was promised in chapter 200), doesn’t mean to me that this have to end soon, Luca still doesn’t know for now that Hayate is actually a boy (and makes it really hard for him to ever tell her^^).

  4. shibababa says:

    just guessing. like you said, every 100 chapter nagi’s manga will be put up, and chapter 300 also the announcement for popularity contest 3.
    it’s also possible that the arc doesn’t end and continued to chapter 301 with chapter 300 as special chapter. we’ll see

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