Hayate no Gotoku 296

I’m Applying new filter, it should be less blurry than before. hope you enjoy the new quality.
that is, if you can tell the difference 😛


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6 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku 296

  1. shibababa says:

    I wonder, will Luca give hayate girl/boy clothes?

  2. Slag says:

    Thanks for this chapter, even so I can’t see much differences by the filter^^
    She thinks Hayate is a girl, so it would be natural for her to search for girl clothes. But most likely he will be able to tell her sooner or later that he is actual a boy and she will have boy clothes for him.
    I wonder more about what will happen first: The change of clothes, or the fight against the second robot?

  3. shibababa says:

    housen won’t send the second robot just like that as she know that robot won’t be enough to beat hayate, hayate is resistant to physical attacks lol. she should prepare something else if she still want to get revenge to hayate.
    another question is where is that place luca is working? hayate looks familiar to that place. all I can think of is that is one of hayate’s old job

  4. Slag says:

    Ah you mean because of the thirdlast picture? To tell you the truth, I realize this just now, that he doesn’t react to housen and the second robot but to the place he is.
    Mh, so I have not really an idea, but it could also be the park were he first met Nagi.

  5. shibababa says:

    the question of where luca work already answered
    don’t look if you can’t handle spoilers.
    this spoiler did a great amount of damage.

  6. Slag says:

    A spoiler this early after the last release? I thought spoilers came max 2-3 days before the chapter out?
    But I can be wrong, because I was never interrested in finding spoilers^^

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