Hayate no Gotoku Limited!

Limited Chapters complete XD

why this omake have to end at Chapter 9
I want to see what happen next page >.<
for those who haven’t read Chapter 1-5
Download HnG Limited! 1-5 by Yorozuya & Foolrulez

Limited 6: Download | Read
Limited 7: Download | Read
Limited 8: Download | Read
Limited 9: Download | Read

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19 Responses to Hayate no Gotoku Limited!

  1. sakazuki says:

    Thanks for this, but where can I find the previous releases (1-5) ??

  2. shibababa says:

    I add Download link for HnG limited Chapter 1-5

  3. ah says:

    The files for chapter 7 and 9 is corrupted

  4. Kevadu says:

    Thanks, but it seems there is a corrupt page in chapter 7

  5. Kevadu says:

    Thanks for the release, but it seems that there is a corrupt page in chapter 7.

  6. shibababa says:

    Thanks, Links fixed.

  7. jasonred79 says:

    So Hayate actually gains the balls to do something with Izumi? I thought he was gonna be wishy washy and shy with the girls forever!

  8. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapters^^

  9. xtreemmasheen3k2 says:

    The 1-5 file is missing chapters 2 and 3. Just goes straight from 1 to 4.

  10. Slag says:

    Thanks for these chapters, is it only me, or did the artist really only use already drawn pictures from the real chapters?

  11. sakazuki says:

    Thanks for uploading 1-5, but where is this limited chapter come from ?

  12. rudot says:

    Hey, mr. shibababa, what is this?
    Hayate no Gotoku Limited!
    Hah susah pake inggris, inggris saya cupu, maap
    Ada Hinanya ga?

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