HnG – Sp Edition

I made 2 version for this chapter.

V1 (without filter) – detail preserved


V2 (filter applied) – looks better(for me), but detail lost


choose your preferences.

Ver. 1 or  Ver.2

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7 Responses to HnG – Sp Edition

  1. anonymous says:

    ver 2 lost not only detail but the feeling of comics themselves. looks plastic and computer generated, losing the feel of textures and sketch for vectors and psd isweak.

  2. ninja-nutria says:

    v2 looks jagged to me

  3. shibababa says:

    I see v2 is not well liked 😦
    from dld statistic also show more people like v1 than v2.
    I guess applying filter on tank raw is a bad idea.

  4. Lx says:

    i agree that v2 loses out in clarity and feels… ‘softer’ as well. Well. Its nice and yet not nice. Don’t really like the tradeoff for clarity so i prefer v1.

    Comment a tad too late cos bakaupdates didnt tell me anything about this sry.

  5. Harish says:

    can some provide me HnG ch.301 raw?

    • shibababa says:

      right now, only hata sensei can provide you one 😀
      its not released yet, sunday have 1 week break. so, no hayate this week
      btw, why are you asking this in this old post?
      no one gonna see this post of yours unless they subscribe for new comments here.

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