HnG 284

First Release. Yay….

though it’s kinda pointless for me to do this, since there are already 2 other groups that doing this.

but whatever…

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6 Responses to HnG 284

  1. Mentar says:

    Thanks for your work 🙂

  2. Lx says:

    hey there. i love your scans. it feels much cleaner, holistic and pleasing to the eye as compared to those from other groups & i would really love to see more. however, on page 2 of this chap, i noticed that a few lines were omitted from the original translation (not exactly sure since i haven’t seen the raws, but as compared to other scanlator groups.. – specific lines: outside the panels, “by the way…, be understanding”).
    Personally, i would prefer it if those lines were kept, since they’re originally from the author after all (unless i’m wrong) and those lines are quite characteristic of the type of humor HnG uses.
    However, if you choose not to add them in, it is alright as well since I’m not one in the position to speak. Once again, I would like to thank you for your work and i hope that i can see more releases from you 😀

  3. shibababa says:

    ah, my bad. sometimes I don’t pay attention to the text that outside the panel. I’ll add them later.

  4. kundumstaf says:

    ^^ i already got the latest raw, chapter 285… but i wish hayate no gotoku would go somewhere, i mean the story line. they just show random things…. /me sighs
    anyways, i still like this manga alot, so if there are any translators around here, let me know to share this raw~

  5. shibababa says:

    You can share it with me if it’s an HQ Raw Scan 😛

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